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I'm a writer in New York City. I'm probably older than you and younger than your mom.

This contains, at current: Avengers, Captain America, Winter Soldier, TVD, Star Trek, Les Miserables, geekery and other shiny things.

INFP. Pisces. Writing. Travel. Books. Comics. Cigarettes. Magic. Myths. Musicals. Outer space. Insomnia. Science. Smoke. Slash. Spies.

A Grantaire muddled with Jehan Prouvaire. If I were at Hogwarts I'd be in Hufflepuff. If I had a dragon it would be green. If I were in Westeros I would leave. My captain is Kirk and my coffee is iced.

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riGHT? but no sooner had i hit publish did i realize i should have added

but where the FUCK is fra fee

because then we would have our courfeyrac (and another prouvaire and marius and enjolras) and f r a f e e

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  1. buckybaarnes said: i don’t think you understand what you’re asking for bc it sort of already exists and it’s… not… what… you’d think… archiveofourown.org/wor…
  2. iorvetth said: Thy’re over there for the oscars right? Fra isn’t going D:
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