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I'm a writer in New York City. I'm probably older than you and younger than your mom.

This contains, at current: Avengers, Captain America, Winter Soldier, Les Miserables, geekery and other shiny things.

INFP. Pisces. Writing. Travel. Books. Comics. Cigarettes. Magic. Myths. Musicals. Outer space. Science. Smoke. Spies. Super soldiers.

A Grantaire muddled with Jehan Prouvaire. If I were at Hogwarts I'd be in Hufflepuff. If I had a dragon it would be green. If I were in Westeros I would leave. My captain is Kirk and my coffee is iced.

Life is Bucky Barnes, highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something.

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Reblog if you have read fan fiction better than some published books




Help me prove a point

I have never reblogged anything faster.

there are a surprising amount of books that don’t even hold a candle to fanfic.

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Marius Pontmercy would read through the Terms and Conditions. All of them.

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I told my husband to play with our puppy more. He sent me this.

"i’m dashing" 

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brooklyn zine launch - class picture

outtakes from #brooklynzinelaunch — basically we are all steve rogers, or various degrees of bucky barnes, and brofisting is our peggy carter

not gonna lie, this is pretty much the best fandom meetup in the history of ever

pictured: we grab our left boobs


PICNIC! Everyone has gone above and beyond, food-wise! There’s fondue. We’re fondue-ing.

i am working, but i really wish i was picnicking in the park because captain america & brooklyn. see you all tonight!

the one where they get married | by ark | captain america | steve/bucky | e | 2/6 | post-winter soldier, post-recovery, angst, substances, sex, impending nuptials, domestic avengers

“I love you so much,” Steve says. He wants to say, I love you so much it is the core of me, I love you enough to set the world ablaze over it. To fall from a burning sky. “Always have and and always will.”

Bucky gives a sly smile. “Maybe we should elope.”

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today at my job, the millenials were actually like, “what is a u2?”

and, like, jesus christ. u2 is not cool, i get it. i’m not sure why they’re on your iphone. but like. children. know your elders.

this is the primary u2 song i’ve ever been concerned with. have you watched reality bites? else i fear you will not understand my primary life motivations

anyway: this song

this fucking song, you guys

If you show someone something you’ve written, you give them a sharpened stake, lie down in your coffin, and say, When you’re ready.

the one where they get married | by ark | captain america | steve/bucky | e | 1/6 | post-winter soldier, post-recovery, angst, substances, sex, impending nuptials, domestic avengers

When you ask Tony Stark to be your best man, pretty soon your wedding is out of your hands.

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i got a heavy metal mouth that hurls obscenity
and i get my check from the trash treasury


marvel idea: give black widow a female love interest. me. hire me to kiss scarlett johansson.

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